How to choose the best anti bark collar?

Here, on we analyzed hundreds of anti bark collar reviews and structured all the data to help you find the best item for you and your pet.

So, why do you need a bark collar? A dog’s behavior naturally includes barking. Dogs bark either because of fear, defense or offense. However, excessive barking can cause annoyance not only to the owner but to neighbors as well. Excessive barking of your dog might cause you or your family to lose sleep at night and even your neighbors. Excessive barking is typical among some dog species. Some dogs even bark louder than the other.

However, you, as the owner, are responsible in taking corrective measures to resolve the incessant barking of your dog. Learn how to discipline your pet. The best possible way to do this is to use a dog bark collar.

Such collars are the best possible way to lessen to stop your dog’s excessive barking. You can choose from three different types which include the ‘Citronella’, the E-collar or ‘electronic shock’ collar, and the ‘ultrasonic collar’. There is adequate proof that these collars are highly effective in significant reduction or stopping the continuous barking of dogs.

The Citronella Collars

The Citronella collar automatically sprays Citronella to the dog whenever it barks. Citronella is one of the main ingredients of perfume products. Citronella has a strong scent disliked by all dog species, making the Citronella collar a highly effective solution for incessant barking.

The Electronic Shock Collars

Another highly effective choice in stopping the continuous barking of dogs is the Electronic Shock collar. This type of collar is electronically wired which allows the collar to deliver a mild, harmless shock every time the dog is barking incessantly. This collar has 6 shock levels. A mild shock is triggered during the first bark. The shock gradually intensifies after 30 seconds, that is, if the dog barks again. Each time the dog barks, the E-collar delivers a slightly stronger shock. The intensity of the shock grows during the 30-second intervals of the consecutive barks until it reaches up to the sixth shock level.

The Ultrasonic Dog Bark Collars

Ultrasonic Dog Bark CollarIt is designed to emit a high-pitched whistle audible only to dogs, meaning humans would not be able to hear it. Dogs have a very sharp hearing. This collar transmits a harmless ultrasonic whistle that distracts a dog and thereby controls its barking.

Here are some additional helpful information

How Do I Stop Nuisance Barking?

Nuisance barking can be stopped. First, you have to determine the cause of the barking, if possible. If there seems to be no reason behind it, then, it is nuisance barking and should be stopped. There is no other way but to discipline your dog to stop barking too much through training. Pets can be taught of discipline, modifying their behaviors in the process. An effective and humane way to do this is through the use of an anti-bark collar.

How do No Bark control collars work?

No-bark collars or anti-bark collars are used for combating nuisance barking common in dogs. Depending upon the pet, surroundings, individual circumstances, and available adjustments provided by the manufacturer, each bark collar type effectively solves nuisance barking.

There are four different ways through which anti-bark collars combat the problem. These include No Scent Spray collar or Citronella collar, E-collar or Static Electronic Shock collar, Ultrasonic Sound Tone device, or Remote Control device that makes use of either Spray or Static Shock technique.

Are the Collars Harmful?

Anti-bark collars are not harmful to pets. Whatever method is applied will effectively curb or get rid of the improper behavior of your pet. The static shock that the E-collar emits is similar to the shock a statically charged rug emits, when touching metals or the shock experienced when one person touches another.

What breed of dog can you use the No Bark Collars on effectively?

No bark collars can be used or can be put on all breeds of dogs to correct their nuisance barking behavior. Based on tests performed on 1000 dogs, the no bark collars have worked successfully on all breeds without causing any harm to them. Since small breeds have a tendency to be higher strung, they appeared to be more sensitive with the no bark collars. Using the spray method is advisable for small breeds of dogs.

Can you use them on any size of dog?

These can only be used on pets that weigh 8 lbs or more and should be at least 6 months of age.

Based on the tests performed, most pets have shown to reduce their barking within 2 days with 6 up to 30 minute training sessions. Depending upon the pet and individual circumstances, such a short period of training may or may not be required. In some cases, the training might require a longer period.

Not all pets can be trained to get rid of their nuisance barking. In some cases, this is due to improper set-up of the device. In other instances, the dog’s unresponsiveness suggests that another disorder might be causing the nuisance barking. The number one rule is to have lots of patience and learn how to work with your pet.

If you want to control your pet’s bad barking instances but not its normal acceptable behavior, you should use a Remote Control collar. This will allow you to control the time that your pet needs to be sprayed or should receive electronic shock.

Whether it should always stay on the dog once it gets used to it depends on the situation. If the dog continuously barks, it might be due to another disorder or a symptom of a more serious matter. If such is the case, you should consider getting the opinion of a veterinarian. Otherwise, in general, it is not recommended to keep the collar on for a period exceeding 8 hours.

The dog might be required to undergo re-training from time to time since it gets used to the shock caused by the collar. The training might have been effective. However, repeating it once in a while might be needed to maintain the proper behavior of your pet.

What shouldn’t I do with it?

It should not be used as your dog’s walking collar. Using a regular collar at all times and training your dog with it when walking your dog is advisable. This specific control should be exercised so your dog will know that you are always in control and not only at times when the dog is wearing it.

Are these Devices Effective?

There is adequate proof about the high effectivity of all the different no collars and anti-bark devices for any breed of dog. Based on the test performed on nuisance-barking dogs by the Animal Behavior Clinic at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine, it has been proven that spraying fragrance below the chin is a more effective calming method than the electric shock. Also, based on a report in the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association (May-June 1996, Vol. 32), pet owners, who tried both Citronella collar and E-collar, preferred the spray method over the static shock for their dogs.

Is it Device the right treatment for my pet?

This is the best solution and the right course of action is actually having your pet ‘self-monitored’. The use of it effectively curbs or even eliminates your pet’s bad behavior. There are numerous methods and styles so you would have to review various types and then choose the one that perfectly suits the situation and surroundings of your pet.

What about Anti-Bark “Area” Devices? Are they just as effective?

Anti-bark ‘area’ devices are just as effective as individual devices. Nevertheless, unless no other dogs are around, these devices do not discriminate and thus, will also affect the other dogs that are not barking. In such case, individual no collars might be more helpful to individually address the dog’s situations and avoid affecting other non-nuisance-barking dogs.

What type should I get if using the static shock collar?

If you are using the static shock collar for your pet, you should get the best type with several modes of training with each mode having electronic shock levels administered. Through this, you can set the collar at its most effective setting causing minimal discomfort for your dog. The shock levels only intensify based on the continuous barking of the dog. This method breaks the dog’s bad behavior.

Training has little chances of succeeding if you will not work with your pet. So keep that in mind. The anti-bark devices are just one component of the training. If you want to break your dog from any sort of bad habit, discipline is the key.