Do Bark Collars Work for Whining

Dogs whine for a number of reasons and while it can be annoying, it is your dog’s way of expressing a need or relieving stress caused by other factors. Many dog owners simply resort to controlling the whining without really understanding the reasons behind it. Turning to other options can eliminate the whining but then you dog will express itself by chewing at your furniture or other belongings or in extreme cases urinating around the house to get your attention.

You can use the anti bark dog collar to stop the whining but before you do that go over a few pointers:

  • Check with your vet for the possibility of medical problems like an illness that is painful and making your pet whine.
  • Make sure you have fed and watered it.
  • Make sure it has had its potty break.
  • Exercise your pet properly so it is tired out. This can also stop the whining.
  • You dog could be whining because of separation anxiety and not wanting to be left alone for too long. Remember, in the wild, dogs are never away from their pack. You need to train it to get used to being by itself. Check with an expert trainer for tips that will work best with the dog breed you own.
  • If your dog is used to staying in its crate, that would be great. If not, try training it to stay quietly in there with treats and toys to keep it busy.
  • Try Thundershirts or aromatherapy specially formulated for dogs.
  • Your dog could also be whining in response the weather conditions like thunder, lightning or storms.

Experts suggest that using the bark collar to stop your dog from expressing its anxiety is possibly not the best solution. But, once you have eliminated all the valid reasons why your dog is whining, you could try the bark collar after checking with your trainer.