How to Make a Dog Bark

It is important to train your dog to bark when you need it to and surprisingly, to teach your pet to bark, you must first train it not to bark. Use clapping or whistling to get your dog’s attention when it is barking and when it stops, give it a treat. Use this trick with a voice command and soon your dog will learn to understand when you need it to be quiet. Another very useful device is a clicker. Teach your dog that whenever it responds to the click, it gets a treat. Further training becomes very easy once it learns this cue.

Here’s what you need to do to train your pet to “Speak!!”

  • Get your dog to sit in front of you and depending on its size you might want to sit or stand.
  • Maintain eye contact and then present a toy or a favorite treat but hold it high so the dog cannot reach it.
  • If it is large in size and likely to jump at the treat, keep it on a leash or put in the dog pen.
  • Reward by letting your pet have it when it barks but combine with a voice command. Soon it will learn to associate the command with a treat but only if it barks. Remember to add praise and hugs so your dog understands what you need it to do.
  • Repetition is the key. Keep going over the steps again and again until you have established the rule.
  • Slowly you can eliminate the treating so your pet barks when you give the command to “Speak!!”
  • Gradually, you can teach your dog to respond to the door bell when it rings or when there is a stranger in your garden or yard. In this way, you can train it to warn you when there are intruders around your house.