How to Protect Yourself From a Dog Attack

In case, you’re attacked by a dog, there are a few basic points you must keep in mind. The most important being, never panic because that will lead to reactions like screaming or running which is absolutely not what you should do. Remember, the dog can sense your fear and that gives it a feeling of dominance and power over you. Instead, follow these steps and you could repel the attack.

  • The dog will come at you snarling and growling with teeth bared and ears laid back.
  • Stand sideways from the dog with a straight and firm stance. Keep your hands by your side, fists clenched. Never wave your arms and hands around or kick.
  • Do not look it in the eye. Keep your eyes averted or it might feel threatened and bite.
  • The dog might sniff at you and is likely to lose interest in you and walk away.
  • If it doesn’t, present any object you’re carrying with you.
  • Remember not to make any sudden movements and act slowly.
  • Call out a loud, “Stop!!” or “No!!” Keep your voice strong, commanding and confident. This might work to intimidate the dog and make it leave.
  • If the dog starts to bite, kick hard at its face, nose, eyes, mouth and ears.
  • Hit the dog with any weapon you find handy but avoid the head since you’re not likely to do much damage. Besides, you will only infuriate the dog.
  • If you lose your footing, curl yourself into a tight ball by bringing your knees up to your chest. Cover your face and neck with your arms and your ears with clenched fists.
  • Do not scream or roll around. The dog will only get more aggressive.
  • Once it backs off, get to your feet very slowly and back away. Remember to avoid eye contact.
  • Get medical attention immediately.