How to Stop a Dog from Biting Other Dogs

As puppies, dogs do a lot of nipping and biting, and most puppies learn to control their biting between the age of two and four and a half months. Most dogs bite other dogs either in play or in aggression. When playing, if the biting gets too rough, they warn each other with a yelp. In this way, they can learn how to control the strength of their bites.

But the problem starts when your dog fights other dogs and displays aggressive behavior. To control it, you need to adopt certain measures. Do remember though, that certain breeds of dogs are more aggressive than other so you can plan your training accordingly.

  1. Begin teaching your puppy not to bite while it is still very young.
  2. Keep your dog on its leash when you’re taking it outside and you know there will be other dogs around.
  3. Train your dog to obey voice commands when you ask it to “Sit” or “Stay.” in this way, your dog will learn to wait for your permission before it approaches or greets another dog.
  4. You could consider not letting your dog sniff others so there is no risk of aggression.
  5. If you think your dog could bite if it is scared, consider muzzling it.
  6. Your dog might also bite other dogs if it thinks that dog is encroaching on its territory or a threat to its possessions. If this is the case, you need to train your dog to check with you before defending its territory.
  7. Dog society is hierarchical and when encountering another dog, yours will want to establish rank. Sometimes biting is one way to let the newcomer know of its status. You need to train your dog to remain close to you and keep its attention focused on you at all time.

With a few firm commands and training, you can make sure your dog doesn’t bite other dogs.