How to Stop a Dog From Chewing

If your dog is still a puppy and is chewing things around your house, it’s probably how it explores the world and learns to identify objects, much like toddlers do. Since puppies teethe for 6 months, they could also chew to relieve the irritation in their gums. Sometimes adult dogs also indulge in chewing. This could be because of separation anxiety, boredom or could simply be an attention-seeking tactic. But you can control your pet from chewing on inappropriate objects. Here’s how:


  • It is very important that you not punish your pet for chewing. A better response is to direct it at objects that it can chew and praise it when it obeys.
  • Check with your vet to eliminate any possibility of medical issues such as a stomach problem, parasites or even some kind of deficiency that needs to be corrected with the proper diet.
  • Dog proof your house by putting chewable objects out of reach. If you’re going to be out of the house for long, either leash it or crate it so it can’t cause damage.
  • When your dog goes for an inappropriate object, distract it with clapping or a loud noise, take away the object and offer a chew toy in its place. Give lots of praise when it takes the toy.
  • Make sure that the chew toys you offer are clearly identifiable and look and smell completely different from other household items. This should help you dog make the proper distinction.
  • Give your pet plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. If it has lots of unexpended energy and nothing to do, it can resort to chewing on things just for fun.
  • If your dog is prone to chewing furniture legs or any such items, use a dog-friendly but unpleasant tasting coating to deter the chewing.
  • Never chase the dog when it is chewing an inappropriate object. Instead call it to you and present a treat in exchange for the object.