How to Stop a Dog From Whining is His Crate

It is obvious that your dog is not going to like being confined to its crate and it will display many signs of discomfort and try its best to get out. Like for instance, it will scratch and bite at the crate. Some dogs become very stressed and can also hurt themselves when trying to escape from it. When they can’t, they resort to whining and barking. Before you confine your dog to the crate, you need to train it to adapt to it by slowly introducing the box with the proper training. Here’s what you need to do.

Before Confining the Dog

  • Make sure you feed the dog within an hour and a half of crating it.
  • Make sure you allow it to relieve itself so it is not uncomfortable.
  • Make sure you take it for a walk so it is well-exercised and only needs to rest in the crate. Unspent energy will make it more uneasy.

When Confining the Dog

  • Bring home the crate without the dog seeing and set it up with the door open so it can walk in and out of it as it wants. This will help it get used to the crate as just another place for playing or resting.
  • Place a padded crate mattress inside, so your dog is comfortable.
  • If you need to leave it in its crate for extended periods of time, give it access to a dog water bottle.
  • Place a special treat in the crate but let your dog have it only if it stays quietly in the crate.
  • Cover the crate with a blanket or towel so it cannot see the activities happening outside.
  • Do not respond to the barking or whining or the dog will understand that it can get the attention or freedom it wants by doing so.
  • Reward it with treats and let it out when only when it is quiet and calm.

Check with your trainer or behavior specialist to better understand how to control the dog.