How to Stop a Dog From Whining

When your dog whines, most times it is because it is stressed out and wants to attract your attention to its needs. But if it whines persistently even after you’ve fed and watered it, and exercised it, you need to first find out if there is some other explanation. Like for instance, an illness or pain or an infection. Once you’ve ruled out all these possibilities, you now need to train your dog not to whine.

  • As soon as the whining starts, distract your dog by clapping and whistling. When you have its attention, say, “No!’ firmly and when it quietens, reward it with a treat.
  • Remember that the best way to train a dog is to reward acceptable behavior and show your displeasure at the unacceptable one. A stern look with eye contact should send your dog the message.
  • On no account should you cuddle your dog when it is whining. And it’s understandable that you might want to because the sound is so heartrending. But, that sends a message that whining is good since it gets your attention and cuddles.
  • If your pet is expressing separation anxiety and whining to protest your leaving it alone, you’ll need to teach it to adapt to the separation. Work with your behavior specialist and begin leaving your dog alone for a few minutes at a time. Then praise it when it stays quiet. But if it whines, stay outside but say a firm, “No!”
  • Sometimes, whining is another way to express boredom so after distracting it, you can offer a special toy, perhaps, one that has food in it, to keep it busy. But take it away if the whining begins. Your dog should know that treats and toys appear only when it is quiet. And that whining can make the treats disappear.

In the wild, puppies whine to let their mother know they need something, but with some careful training, you can teach your dog to stop this behavior.