How to Stop a Neighbor’s Dog From Barking

If your neighbor has a dog that barks at all odd times, it can be very annoying, especially if it is disrupting your sleep or work schedules. It is understandable that you would want to do something about it, but begin with simple solutions and if they don’t work, you could take more drastic measures.

  • Assuming you are friendly with your neighbors, the first step you could take is to talk to them about the problem and how it is affecting your life. Chances are your neighbors are unaware of the inconvenience possibly if the dog barks when they are out.
  • Be understanding, and offer explanations and solutions. For example, like, “Do you think your dog is too hot or too cold? How about if you make sure it is fed and its water bowl is filled?”
  • Request for training and behavior guidance with a specific date when the problem will be addressed. Suggest devices like, maybe a barking collar.
  • Check with other people in your neighborhood. If they all face the problem, you could request them to take turns in bringing the issue up with the dog owner.
  • Try a dog whistle. These devices emit a sound that only dogs can hear so give a blast as soon as the barking starts. That should train the dog to be quiet.

If all these steps don’t work, try involving the law enforcement authorities.

  • Check online for the barking rules applicable in your area and contact the concerned authorities. You can also request that the complaint be registered anonymously if you don’t want to spoil your relations with your neighbors.
  • If you think that maybe your neighbors are not taking proper care of their dog which is why it is barking, you could contact animal control and ask them to look into the matter.

Do remember that if a dog is barking, it is not the dog’s fault but its human owners need to deal with the problem.