How to Stop My Dog Biting Other Dog’s Legs

To understand how to stop your dog from biting other dog’s legs, you need to first understand why your dog does it. Typically, dogs might nip on legs and paws in an attempt to entice them to play. You will know that if you dog first circles around, skipping and wagging its tail, rolling over and barking happily.

Another factor is that dominant dogs in the pack often grab hold of the legs of the lower ranking dogs in an attempt to pull them away from going in a particular direction or straying too far away from the pack. This is a behavior called herding. Dogs also bite in aggression when they’re fighting or if the play gets too rough.

You can teach your dog to refrain from such behavior according to the reasons why you think it is biting.

  • Keep a close watch on the dogs when they are playing. Separate them as soon as the biting begins. Soon your dog will learn that if it misbehaves or gets too rough, the fun will stop.
  • Shout out a strong, commanding “No!!” or “Stop!” or “Gently!!” Do that a few times and your dog should get the message.
  • If your dog has latched itself on to the leg and won’t let go, grab its hind legs, lift and pull until your dog lets go. But you need to be very careful because sometimes the dog, if too excited, might grab your hand instead.
  • Divert your dog’s attention away from the target and towards you. Maintain eye contact and show your displeasure at the behavior.
  • Consider neutering your dog to lessen its aggressive tendencies.

Dogs also bite at the legs of their friends to attract attention. But make sure your dog does not do that with strange dogs because that can lead to conflict and a fight.