How to Stop my Dog From Biting my Cat

Having a cat and a dog in the family can turn into a battle for dominance and territory, if you don’t train both animals to live together peacefully and make friends. Since your dog has a predatory temperament, it is likely to chase the cat and the cat being naturally afraid of it, tends to run away. Even if your dog simply wants to play with the cat, like it would another family member, the fact that it runs away, invokes its predatory instincts. And if your cat decides to retaliate, you’ll have a big problem on your hands. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Train your dog to get along with cats and other animals while it is still a puppy.
  • Introduce the two pets gradually to each other. Begin by letting them spend say, 10 minutes in the room together with your dog on the leash.
  • Try to take your dog out for a vigorous exercise session beforehand so that it is too tired to want to interact with the cat.
  • You’ve probably trained your dog to obey commands like, “Sit” or “Stay” so it remains quiet when you command it to. Use these commands now.
  • Get your dog to focus its attention on you instead of the cat. If it does not obey, try spraying it in the face with a plant spray can filled with cold water.
  • Offer a treat as a reward if it obeys you and refrains from going after the cat.
  • Keep the sleeping and feeding areas of both pets separate from each other. Allow them to sniff at and investigate each other’s bedding and feeding bowls when the other pet is not around. This will help them adapt to the other.
  • If your dog cannot be controlled, consider neutering it to reduce the aggressiveness.

As a last resort, you could use the barking collar to train your dog not to bite the cat.