The Drawbacks of Using Citronella Collars

From the very first moments of its popularity, more and more persons have argued upon the negative psychological effects that this anti-bark collar can have on a dog that is punished for doing something natural to them and that, even more confusing, is meant to protect their owners. It was scientifically proven that, even though there is no physical harm, ...

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Preventing Your Dog from Barking with Citronella Collars

After reading the details about some of the most popular types of anti-bark collars, we can make a general idea about the way in which such a small object can restore the silence and calmness in your house and, sometimes, even in those of your neighbors. In short, a citronella collar is a special anti-bark device that simply works by ...

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Why use citronella anti bark collars?

There is no owner of a healthy, dynamic and playful dog in this world who has not lived the frustrating experience of having their canine friend barking for hours and hours for apparently no reason. Either during a night when sleep is anything that you need because a long and important day is in front of you, or during a ...

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