Preventing Your Dog from Barking with Citronella Collars

After reading the details about some of the most popular types of anti-bark collars, we can make a general idea about the way in which such a small object can restore the silence and calmness in your house and, sometimes, even in those of your neighbors. In short, a citronella collar is a special anti-bark device that simply works by spraying a citronella cloud in your dog’s face whenever it detects the vibrations caused by barking. This way, feeling the unpleasant smell of the citronella spray and the snake-like sound after each and every bark, the dog will learn that the only way to avoid them is by not making any noise.

Even though some would consider it a little too expensive, the collar explains the price through its efficiency. The citronella collar is a comfortable device: it comes in different sizes in order to be perfect for any kind of dog; the container can be easily refilled whenever it is required; it is rechargeable and waterproof, and it can be controlled through a remote.

Even more than that, the electronic collar is perfect for dogs of all sizes and ages. Being a natural product with no electric shocks, the citronella collar is not harmful and it was not proven to have caused any kind of physical damage. The newest technology even allows the owners to establish the precise intensity of a bark that would release the spray and to set it in such a way as to start working only after a certain number of barks.

On the other hand, the effect of such a collar depends on the dog wearing it. As it is the case with human beings, not every individual can be taught in the same way: the age and the personality can make the difference between the effects that the collar can have upon an older German Shepherd and a younger Beagle, for example.

Also, it was observed that a longer hair can stay in the way of the spray, but, with the needed adjustments, this is not a major problem. However, each owner knows his or her companion and how sensitive they are and if one considers that the substances in citronella oil can harm in any way their furry friends, the liquid can be taken out and a similar effect can be obtained from the simple air puffing.