Shock Collar Training Tips

Typically used to train your pet, the shock collar works by delivering a tiny electric current through two points on the collar. This current causes a small amount of pain and discomfort to the dog which is how it learns which behavior is acceptable and which is not. Just how much pain your pet will actually feel depends on the voltage of the current, the time frame for which it is delivered and its frequency.

When training your dog by using the shock collar, you need to remember two important factors:

  • If you use the collar too frequently or if the shock intensity is higher than needed, your dog will begin to fear the collar and regard it as punishment. This is why you need to set the charge depending on its pain tolerance levels, the thickness of its fur, its size, amount of moisture on its skin and so on.
  • If the shock delivered by the collar is too low to cause enough discomfort, your pet will learn to ignore it.

You can use the dog collar to train your dog even in your absence. You can program the collar to:

  • Stop your dog from barking and biting.
  • Stop your dog from crossing boundaries and escaping.
  • Stop your dog from say, digging in your backyard or scratching or gnawing at furniture.

Introduce your dog to the collar gradually and make sure you read the instructions that come with it carefully:

  • Check the charge to make sure it is appropriate before you put the collar on.
  • Put the collar on but make sure the prongs in the collar don’t hurt your pet.
  • Try a low charge first to test your dog’s reaction then move on to higher charges. But remember to use it for correcting behavior only.
  • Train your dog along with commands and use the charge only when it does not respond to vocal commands.
  • Add lots of praise and treats when the dog obeys.