Why use citronella anti bark collars?

There is no owner of a healthy, dynamic and playful dog in this world who has not lived the frustrating experience of having their canine friend barking for hours and hours for apparently no reason. Either during a night when sleep is anything that you need because a long and important day is in front of you, or during a perfectly normal day when everyone is inside the house and nothing strange is happening anywhere, your loved furry friend would not stop from barking at extremely dangerous, but invisible enemies.

In those moments, when you know that nothing physical is wrong with the dog so there is nothing that you can do for them, you only wish to have at your disposal a method that would silent your dog in a quick and harmless way, thus letting you enjoy your home time. At least apparently, this ideal method was invented and it is already widely used by pet owners in the same situation: Citronella Collar – a natural, harmless, painless, anti-bark collar with citronella spray. From this description, this collar seems a wonderful instrument, but is it so? Let’s find out by learning more about the pros and cons of citronella collars.