Use Citronella Collars with Moderation

Even though a citronella collar is generally preferred to other electric anti-bark devices because, unlike those, it does not cause any physical pain, it should still be utilized with several precautions in mind. First of all, this collar should only be used as a last method, when you notice that the training sessions are not working.

Second of all, it must be acknowledged that this should be only a temporary measure during the training, medication or socialization period. Also, as any other electronic device, the citronella collar must be used only under strict supervision because certain malfunctions can occur: it can spray nonstop, thus delivering dangerous quantities of citronella liquid or it can stop working all of a sudden, thus confusing the dog even more.

All in all, citronella collars come as the most at hand method to stop the annoying sound of continuous barking in the shortest time possible and with the minimal damaging effect on your dog. However, this electronic device should not replace the old, kinder and, in some cases, more effective ways of training your furry best friend:

Take your dog to long walks that would help him socialize and get to know and trust the area and the inhabitants;
Whenever you have guests give him a toy or a reward in order to make him associate these two elements;
Provide many playful elements that could prevent your dog’s boredom;

Take him to a professional dog trainer.

However, we have to remember that barking is the natural way that dogs have at their disposal to make us aware of different things that bother them, so it should not be completely forbidden.