What to Do When a Dog Attacks Your Dog

It is always preferable to anticipate and prevent an attack, and if you’re out walking your dog, always be on the lookout for other dogs off their leash. You also need to be alert for signs of aggression or fear from your dog that can signal the approach of another dog. If you do find yourself in a situation when another dog attacks yours, you must remember not to panic because dogs can sense fear. Also, never get in between two fighting dogs or you could get bitten yourself. Here’s how to deal with the problem:

  • Do not pick up your dog to protect it or you could yourself get injured.
  • Use whatever object you have with you such as a backpack to break up the fight by throwing it at the dog. If you have dog treats, that’s even better.
  • If the dogs are biting each other, grab the tail and hind legs to put your dog off and remember to keep your hands away from its mouth. You could try to grab the collar because pulling it will choke your dog, but be careful it doesn’t turn on you.
  • Try clapping or making a loud noise to distract the dogs.
  • If you can find a bucket of water or a hose, turn in on the dogs.
  • When taking your dog for a walk, go prepared with a pepper or citronella spray, dog whistle or a spray bottle of water. Don’t hesitate to use them in case of a fight.
  • You could also carry a stout walking stick. You don’t need to beat the other dog with the stick, just point it at its snout and let it grab hold. That will keep its mouth busy and when it tugs, push a little and take a step forward. In this way, you’ll be gaining ground and can repel the attack.
  • Carry an umbrella and open it between the dogs to startle and scare them off.