Why do Dogs Bark at Night?

Dogs barking at night, whether your own or a neighbor’s can be very annoying. Though dogs bark for many reasons, it’s typically because their owners don’t really understand why. With a little training and learning the nuances of canine responses to their surroundings, you can train your dog to stay quiet unless you want it to bark.

Lack of Adequate Exercise

Make sure you know the optimum amount of exercise for the dog breed you own and ensure it gets enough activity. Boredom and the energy that your dog did not expend during the day is going to make it bark at night. Give your dog access to interesting toys that can occupy it and if you have a yard scatter toys around that can keep it busy at night.

Lack of Adequate Contact with You

As social animals, dogs need their pack around them and since your dog views you and your family as its pack, it needs your companionship. If you work during the day and again leave it alone at night, like in the yard or a separate room, it is likely to suffer from separation anxiety and bark. Check with your veterinarian and train your dog from the very beginning when you first bring it home so that it is used to being alone.

Fear of Noises in the Night

Unusual sounds in the night can also scare your dog so much that it starts barking. Sounds like thunder or fireworks or even passing cars can alarm your dog and it will try to communicate the fear to you. Spend some time with it to reassure and calm it.

Territorial Encroachment

Dogs are fiercely protective of their territories and if they sense intruders, they will try to warn you of them. While this is a good thing because you want your dog to protect your home, you might have to train it to distinguish between visitors to your home, casual passers-by and real threats.

You could try using a anti barking collar to train your dog but make sure you follow the instructions carefully.