Why Does my Dog Keep Barking at Me?

Your dog uses barking as a means of communication with you and since you are its master it must let you know if it needs something or wants to alert you to some situation or threat. You could work with a kind of checklist when your dog starts to bark.

  • Is it hungry or thirsty? – Check and see if it is mealtime or if its water dish is empty.
  •  Is it hot or cold? Check the room where it is kept or if it is in the garden or yard, you might want to see if it is comfortable.
  • Does it need to go to the toilet? If so, it might head for the door and bark at you.
  • Does he just need attention? A hug or a pat should work to calm it down.
  • Is it barking at a door or window? Accompany your dog to the target of its barking and make sure everything is in order. Most times your dog is only trying to warn the leader of its pack of an intruder or scary situation. Once you have checked it, your dog should settle down.

Unless there is a valid reason like the dog needing something, experts recommend that the last thing you should do is yell at the dog. If you shout, the dog thinks that it is justified in barking and you also perceive the threat which is why it will bark all the more loudly. Once you are sure that it is barking for no reason, trainers suggest you look sternly straight into your dog’s eyes and state in a low voice, “No!” or “Quiet!” or “No Barking!”

If these measures don’t work, you will need to work with your trainer to understand how to control the barking. Look for humane options like the anti barking collars that will not really hurt your dog but will gently train it to understand when it should and should not bark.