Why is My Dog Anxious All of a Sudden

There are many factors that can scare your dog and make it show its anxiety by trembling, hiding, keeping its tail tucked between its legs or barking and crying continuously. In case your dog is excessively frightened, it could also develop diarrhea and urinate more. Or it could start biting and licking itself. If you can understand why you dog is anxious or what situation is making it behave this way, you could reassure and calm it. Try this checklist.


  • Loud sounds like that of thunderstorms and lightning or fireworks can scare your dog. Do remember that your dog’s sense of hearing is extremely well-developed and sounds can have a profound effect on them.
  • As a puppy, if your dog was not exposed to interaction with other dogs and humans and various environmental stimuli, it might develop a fear of them as it grows.
  • If your dog has recently gone through a very unusual and scary experience, it might develop a phobia.
  • Check and make sure your dog is not suffering from an illness or some very painful condition that is making it behave this way.
  • Also check with your vet for a viral or any other infectious disease that could be affecting its nervous system.
  • Conditions such as exposure to toxic substances like lead poisoning can make your dog upset. Make sure it gets medical attention.
  • There may be certain situations such as being locked in a small space for an extended time that can make your dog fearful of similar situations being repeated.
  • As your dog ages and its abilities to think, learn and remember decline, it can become anxious.
  • The most important reason is if you leave your dog alone for a long time without first conditioning it to your absence can make it develop separation anxiety. Especially if it has a history of multiple owners, constantly being moved to new homes and surroundings, etc. Check its past ownership history.