Why is My Dog Biting Me

Dogs bite for a number of reasons and the main reason is often the need to establish rank within the pack. Puppies bite playfully and when playing with their litter mates, this is how they convey dominance. It is very essential that your dog learns at a very young age that biting you is not acceptable and a good time to begin is as soon as you bring it home.

Below 6 Months

Your puppy, at this age, bites only when playing and since its teeth are not sharp enough to break your skin, you might consider it harmless behavior. If living with its mother, she will teach it to refrain from biting and whatever exercises you take to train your puppy will be similar to these actions. For instance, if your puppy growls at you and displays threatening behavior, and you back away in response, it will learn that you rank below it. Eventually, when you don’t respond to its warnings, it might bite you.

About a Year Old

At this age, if your puppy has already established itself as higher than you, it will resort to biting every time you do something it does not like. While its teeth are even now not sharp enough to hurt you, you must train it not to bite by putting it through the proper obedience classes and working with an expert trainer.


Chances are that by the time your dog is an adult and if you have not trained it, it might consider itself to be the master of the pack and since you and your family are its pack members, it will dominate you by biting and sometimes even drawing blood if it feels your behavior is out of line. Even at this stage, you can train your dog not to bite, though, you will have to follow the trainer’s instructions very carefully.

If your dog has always been frightened of you, it might retaliate by biting if it feels threatened. But proper training and lots of loving can cure it of its phobia.