Will Neutering Stop a Dog’s Aggressiveness

Some breeds of dogs are naturally more aggressive than others and typically, dogs react to their environment in a number of ways. They are likely to display aggression in response to situations they are not comfortable with. When upset about something, they will show it in a number of ways like say, moving away. While most of their responses are passive, they become aggressive if they perceive a threat to their safety or to an object they value. Not allowing them to do something they want can also make them aggressive.

However, a dog can be taught to control its aggression and display its feelings and emotions through alternate channels. This passive behavior must be taught to the dog when it is still a puppy. Nurturing your puppy and teaching it good social skills can curb its aggressive tendencies. Once it learns that it can get its way by snarling, growling, teeth baring, snapping in the air or even biting, it becomes very difficult to teach it that aggression is not allowed.

 Is Neutering an Answer?

You might think that neutering a dog can lower its aggressive tendencies. here’s what experts have to say:

  • Males–Castration has no effect on the dog if it has already learnt aggressive behavior is an acceptable of responding. In some studies, it has also been found that castration can make certain forms of aggressive reactions worse.
  • Females–If a female’s aggressive responses are triggered by female hormones and the need to guard her nest during a false pregnancy, neutering could help restrain her tendencies. Otherwise, like in males, neutering can make the aggression worse.

So you see, if your dog has already learnt a particular form of behavior, neutering it will not make the problem go away. Work with an experienced trainer to understand how you can teach your dog to remain calm and passive.